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Depuis qu'Otar est parti

Un film de Julie Bertuccelli
Avec: Dinara Droukarova, Esther Gorintin, Nino Khomassouridze

Grand Prix - Semaine de la Critique • Festival de Cannes
Meilleure première oeuvre • Césars

Three Georgian women - strong-willed matriarch Eka (90-year-old former dental assistant and fledgling star Esther Gorintin), her long-suffering daughter Marina (Nino Khomassouridze) and rebellious granddaughter Ada (Freeze, Die, Come To Life's Dinara Droukarova) - all live together in their stately yet crumbling apartment in contemporary Tbilisi, the capital of the former Soviet republic. Eka pines for her beloved son Otar, a physician who is now a construction worker in Paris. Marina is deeply resentful of her mother's obsession with her absent brother, while Ada endures their bickering and yearns for a more adventurous existence. When a friend of Otar's calls with tragic news, Marina and Ada must make a seemingly impossible choice: Do they keep Eka from learning the truth?

Drama, World Cinema - 2003 - France - French/Georgian/Russian - 102 min.
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