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Mao's Last Dancer

Un film de Bruce Beresford
Avec: Kyle MacLachlan , Joan Chen , Amanda Schull , Bruce Greenwood

Nominé: Meilleur Film • Institut du Film Australien
Premier Dauphin, Choix des Téléspectateur • Festival du Film de Toronto

*Au cinéma en version anglaise uniquement. This is the true story of Li Cunxin, adapted from his best-selling autobiography and telling how, amidst the chaos of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, he was chosen to leave his peasant family and sent on an amazing journey … as it turned out towards freedom and personal triumph. Li’s story unfolds as China was emerging from Mao’s grand vision. This is about how Li overcame adversity, discovering and exploring his natural abilities and talent as a great classical dancer. This meant not only dealing with his own physical limitations but also eventually the punishment meted out by a highly suspicious Chinese government after Li’s defection to the US. In America Li found a completely different and captivating new world – but there were other difficulties he could never have imagined. Here is a poignant yet triumphant story that has the ability to touch both worlds.

Drame - 2010 - Australie - Anglais et Mandarin - 117 min.
Fr / En
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