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The Eclipse

Un film de Conor McPherson
Avec: Eanna Hardwicke, Hannah Lynch, Billy Roche, Avian Egan, Aidan Quinn, Ciarán Hinds

Mystery, suspense, and romance intertwine in The Eclipse, a ghostly tale set on the shores of small-town Cobh, Ireland. Michael Farr (Ciarán Hinds) has been experiencing abnormal occurrences in his home. While volunteering at the town literary festival, he bonds with a supernatural author named Lena - the only person willing to entertain his otherworldly stories. Their growing relationship is complicated, however, by Lena's ongoing affair with another author (Aidan Quinn). As the festival progresses, the trajectories of these three people head toward a shocking, life-altering conclusion.

Horreur - 2009 - Irlande - Anglais - 88 min.
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