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Un film de John Carney, Kieran Carney
Avec: Cillian Murphy, Simon Delaney, Antony Conaty

Selection Officielle • Festival du Film de Tribeca

*seulement en Anglais
Zonad is an alien...probably. At least that's what the Cassidy family thinks when they find him passed out next to their liquor cabinet, decked out in a shiny red body suit and funny-looking helmet. Truth is he's nothing more than a blind-drunk escapee from a rehab center costume party. And before long, he's got the whole town of Ballymoran buying into his charade, milking them for free booze, loose women and anything else his newfound celebrity status will get him. But Zonad doesn't realize that a fellow escapee is about to throw a wrench in his scheme...

Com├ędie - 2009 - Irlande - Anglais - 75 min.
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