Night My Number Came Up, The

UN FILM DE Leslie Norman


The Chinese theory that life is pre-ordained and that dreams are a glimpse into the future prompts Commander Lindsay to relate a dream he has experienced to his fellow dinner guests, including Air Marshall Sir John Hardie. The dream involves a Dakota carrying the Air Marshall, an attractive girl, a very important person and five other civilians, who, with a crew of five, number thirteen. The aircraft is lost over the sea, the radio fails, and fuel is running short when, through a break in the clouds, a rock-strewn beach is sighted. The pilot makes desperate attempts to avoid the cliffs. There is a terrible crash, then silence. Lindsay then begins to live out his dream as the different pieces fall into place.

Date de sortie

Genre: Thriller
Durée: 94 mins.
Année: 1955


Alexander Knox
Michael Redgrave
Sheila Sim
Un film de
Leslie Norman