When No One Would Listen

UN FILM DE Armand Mastroianni


This is the tale of Jessica's desperate fight to escape the obsessive jealousy of Gary, her husband, and the incapacity of the law to defend her. Bit by bit her dreams of a fairy tale marriage and family life crumble. Gary's universe is made up of alcohol, violence, tyranny, suspicion and aggression towards those around him. He is released by the Colorado police after having killed his neighbor. Jessica, whose life is one of despair and fear, turns to Walter her employer for protection. The children become the new victims of Gary's monstrosity. Even when Gary kidnaps Jessica and menaces her with his gun, the police do not react.

Date de sortie

Genre: Drama
Durée: 96 mins.
Année: 1992


James Farentino
Michele Lee
Un film de
Armand Mastroianni