Peeping Tom

UN FILM DE Michael Powell


Mark Lewis is a cameraman in a film studio. In his off-hours, he takes nude 'art' photographs which are sold under-the-counter by newsagents. Mark's father was a famous scientist who devoted his life to the study of the psychology of fear, using his own son as his 'guinea pig'. His father would wake him by shining a bright light in his eyes and photograph his terrified reactions with a cine camera. Mark, now an adult, has grown into an insane killer with an obsession to record on celluloid the fear on the face of a victim whom he is about to kill.

Date de sortie

Genre: Horror, Thriller
Durée: 101 mins.
Année: 1960


Anna Massey
Karl Heinz Böhm
Moira Shearer
Un film de
Michael Powell