UN FILM DE Sidney Hayers


Harry Parker and his wife Jackie have a couple of kids, and are happy and are getting along fine. The future looks bright, for Harry and his partner Moore have got the contract to carry the weekly payroll of a large company in their new, bandit-proof car - a security assignment that could lead to many more for the new two-man business. This news comes as a shock to handsome Johnny Mellor's. For months with the help of a weak company employee, he has tailed and timed the old car that used to do the wages run. And that's time well spent when the payroll in question is £100,000 a week.

Date de sortie

Genre: Crime
Durée: 105 mins.
Année: 1961


Billie Whitelaw
Françoise Prévost
Michael Craig
Un film de
Sidney Hayers