Avengers, The - Season 5

UN FILM DE James Hill, Robert Day, Sidney Hayers


The mix as before - this time in color. Steed is still the dilettante man-about-town (outwardly a fop, in reality an iron glove). As colorfully quirky as ever, he continues to dispatch villains with his furled umbrella or steel-lined bowler. In her well fitted, skin-tight Emma peeler fighting suits Emma tacks her opponents with a variety of spectacular fighting techniques, this time using kung-fu to vanquish the baddies with a twist of her dainty wrist. The Avengers offer punch-ups and haute couture, stories laced with thrills and a heady mix of tongue-firmly-in cheek humor.

Date de sortie

Genre: Crime
Durée: 52 mins.
Année: 1967


Diana Rigg
Patrick Macnee
Un film de
James Hill, Robert Day, Sidney Hayers