Somebody to Love

UN FILM DE Alexandre Rockwell


A young and ambitious "Latina", Mercedes, is killing time as a dancer in a seedy cabaret waiting to see her name up in lights in Hollywood. She has an affair with Harry, a married, fading actor, and scorns the love of young Ernesto because he reminds her too much of her poor background. But when Harry has to get together a large sum of money quickly, the young Mexican does not hesitate to execute a contract for a ruthless mafia boss. When Mercedes finally realizes that Ernesto knew he was taking this huge risk to help out his rival, she at last understands the strength of his love, but it might already be too late...

Date de sortie

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Durée: 94 mins.
Année: 1995


Harvey Keitel
Michael Delorenzo
Rosie Perez
Un film de
Alexandre Rockwell