Willing to Kill: The Texas Cheerleader Case


Headlining national newspapers this is Wanda Holloway's true story. Divorced Wanda wants only the best for her two children, Shane and Shanna. So when Shanna tries out for the cheerleading squad, Wanda pushes her to succeed. Unfortunately, Shanna seems to be edged out of the running by her rival, Amber Heath. Verna, Amber's mother, a neighbor and a good friend of Wanda's, is in fact the true instigator of this rivalry because she wants her daughter to be the best. But as Shanna's frustration grows so does her mother's jealousy. Driven by ambition and a mother's love, Wanda hires her brother-in-law to kill Verna.

Date de sortie

Genre: Drama
Durée: 96 mins.
Année: 1992


Lesley Ann Warren
Tess Harper
William Forsythe
Un film de
David Greene