Two Deaths of Quincas Wateryell, The

UN FILM DE Sérgio Machado


One morning, Quincas Wateryell doesn't wake up after another night of partying in sleazy bars and brothels. When the news reaches the family he despised, his funeral looks like being another humiliation for his daughter Vanda. All of Bahia's high society wants to honor the man she claims left to marry an Italian heiress. But first, with her husband and uncle, Vanda must watch over the corpse in Quincas' squalid hotel room, where his four best drinking buddies gather to give him the send-off he deserves. When the family members are asleep, they sneak Quincas out for one last phenomenal party. With Vanda and the police on their tail, Quincas and his buddies' offbeat rampage provokes chaos and unforeseen consequences...

Date de sortie

Genre: Comedy
Durée: 90 mins.
Année: 2010


Mariana Ximenes
Paulo José
Un film de
Sérgio Machado