Passport to Pimlico

UN FILM DE Henry Cornelius


Pimlico dozes during the worst heat wave for years... until London's last unexploded bomb goes off with a deafening roar, flinging the people headlong into a fantastic adventure. Arthur Pemberton and his daughter Shirley, investigating the crater made by the bomb, find treasure and an old document decreeing that Pimlico can be recognized in perpetuity as Burgundian soil. The residents, quick to see the opportunities, dispense with licensing laws, and put themselves on the export list of English firms. The British Government steps in, wires off 'BURGUNDY', sets up customs barriers and cuts off water and electricity.

Date de sortie

Genre: Comedy
Durée: 84 mins.
Année: 1949


Hermione Baddeley
Margaret Rutherford
Stanley Holloway
Un film de
Henry Cornelius