'R Xmas


New York. Christmas Time. A big Dominican drug dealer and his wife are buying some presents for their kids. They are desperate trying to find the famous "my size Barbie" for their daughter that looks to be sold out. So they are using most of their connections (almost the same they used for their drug deals). But it's really hard to find. The husband must have a meeting with someone that says he has the doll. The husband goes to the meeting but doesn't come back. Sometimes later the phone rings : he has been kidnapped and they ask for 250 000 $. His wife has got a few hours to bring them the money. She calls all her husband's friends but, one by one, they let her down. She is all alone now and she must save her husband. And these kidnappers looks to be really tough guys. But who are they : gang members ? Policemen ? Drug dealers ? Will her husband die on Christmas Eve ? Will her daughter ever got her "my size Barbie" ?

Date de sortie

Genre: Drama, Thriller
Durée: 83 mins.
Année: 2001


Drea De Matteo
Lillo Brancato Jr.
Lisa Valens
Un film de
Abel Ferrara