Canyon, The

An intimate survival thriller
- Fantasia Film Fest
Starring Yvonne Strahovski! (Chuck's Sarah Walker)


A honeymooning couple will do whatever it takes to have their dream tour through the Grand Canyon. When a mysterious stranger offers his services as a Canyon guide, the couple happily accept. Along the way, they take a wrong turn and the Canyon becomes a vicious and dangerous place. As their technology fails, supplies dwindle and they get hopelessly lost, panic sets in and they slip into a world of increasingly murky moral decisions. The Canyon is a survival thriller that pits lovers against nature...and each other!

Date de sortie

Langue originale: English
Genre: Thriller
Durée: 104 min.
Année: 2009


Andrea Marcellus
Eion Bailey
Philip Salick
Wendy Worthington
Will Patton
Yvonne Strahovski
Un film de
Richard Harrah