Crooks Anonymous


Captain Dandy Forsdyke, phoney man-about-town and flourishing jewel thief, drives his girlfriend mad. Dandy cannot prevent himself from lifting such tempting objects as stray diamond rings and bulging wallets which are not at that moment being used. His girlfriend won't marry him unless he tries to go straight, so Forsdyke is persuaded to join Crooks Anonymous. He becomes a London department store Santa Claus, but weakens when he learns that a quarter-million pounds will be left in the building over the weekend. Complications follow when he talks his fellow ex-crooks into pulling the heist with him.

Date de sortie

Genre: Comedy, Crime
Durée: 87 mins.
Année: 1962


Leslie Phillips
Stanley Baxter
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Un film de
Ken Annakin