Billy the Kid vs. Dracula

UN FILM DE William Beaudine


Billy the Kid has given up his lawless life and plans to marry Betty. They are paid a visit by Betty's uncle, Underhill, who - totally unbeknown to them - is the vampire Dracula. Shortly after his arrival, a local girl is murdered and seeing blood on Underhill's shirt, Billy becomes suspicious. Ignoring Billy's warnings, Betty takes her uncle to a disused mine where Underhill tries to put her in a trance. But the spell is broken by Billy's sudden arrival. The next time, Underhill succeeds. Billy finds Betty with wounds on her throat - and vows to seek revenge.

Date de sortie

Genre: Horror, Western
Durée: 73 mins.
Année: 1966


Chuck Courtney
John Carradine
Melinda Plowman
Un film de
William Beaudine