Avengers, The - Season 2

UN FILM DE Charles Crichton, Peter Graham Scott


The winds of change blew through The Avengers for the launch of the second season. Steed had two new partners to replace Dr. Keel, anthropologist Cathy Gale and the rather more ditzy singer Venus Smith. Mrs. Gale's passionate integrity and beautiful idealism won over new audiences. At his manipulative best, Steed could cajole Cathy into anything that would take them to the heart of a fiendish plot. But he could never wheedle his way into her heart for Cathy despised Steed's methods (and his dissolute ways?).

Date de sortie

Genre: Crime
Durée: 52 mins.
Année: 1965


Douglas Muir
Honor Blackman
Patrick Macnee
Un film de
Charles Crichton, Peter Graham Scott