Avengers, The - Season 6


In this series, Steed acquires a new assistant, Tara King. Compared with her predecessor, Mrs. Emma Peel, Tara relies less on judo more on feminine guile to dispatch her assailants. Miss King will use a coo or a kiss rather than a karate chop, not to mention an occasional brick-in-the-handbag technique! Emotional, earthy, cunning, Tara is thoroughly emancipated, while remaining essentially feminine. This is her real distinction: It's make her devastating! In each episode Steed and his charming colleague first crime in their own inimitable manner with nonchalant efficiency, sophistication and charm.

Date de sortie

Genre: Crime
Durée: 52 mins.
Année: 1968


Linda Thorson
Patrick Macnee
Patrick Newell
Un film de
Don Chaffey