Henry VIII and His Six Wives

UN FILM DE Waris Hussein


As a young man, Henry loves his wife, Catherine of Aragon, the mother of his son. But when his son dies and he has no successor to the throne, he makes himself head of the Church, has his marriage annulled, and marries Anne Boleyn. But Anne bears him only a daughter, and Henry executes her on the grounds of adultery and witchcraft. Jane Seymour provides Henry with a son but dies in childbirth. For the sake of the Protestant league in Europe, Henry marries Ann of Cleves - who is ugly and can speak nothing but Dutch. After his next wife, Catherine Howard, proves unfaithful and is executed, Henry marries Catherine Parr. With her, at last, he finds a kind of peace and happiness.

Date de sortie

Genre: Drama, History
Durée: 125 mins.
Année: 1972


Donald Pleasence
Keith Michell
Charlotte Rampling
Un film de
Waris Hussein