Punisher, The

UN FILM DE Mark Goldblatt


Tough cop Frank Castle and his partner Jake are about to arrest a mafia boss. The operation fails, Castle's family is attacked and he is left for dead. Five years pass and a mysterious vigilante starts killing the mafia members one at a time. His methods reveal an in-depth knowledge of combat and weaponry. The media call him the "Punisher". Jake guesses that it is his long lost friend and tries to halt the bloodbath but Castle won't stop. He believes he is on a crusade to "punish" all gang leaders. But when Japanese gangsters start attacking the women and children of the Mafiosi, Castle remembers his own family. He makes a temporary pact with the godfather. This could be his last mission but the "Punisher" must prevent innocent people from being killed.

Date de sortie

Genre: Action, Adventure
Durée: 92 mins.
Année: 1989


Dolph Lundgren
Jeroen Krabbé
Louis Gossett Jr.
Un film de
Mark Goldblatt