An Eye for an Eye

UN FILM DE Michael D. Moore


Talion is on the trail of Ike Slant and his gang, responsible for the murder of his wife and child. He teams up with Benny, a youthful bounty hunter. During a fight with the killers, Benny is blinded, and Talion's hand shattered. In order to overcome their handicaps, Benny learns to shoot according to Talion's shouted command. At the final showdown, their teamwork pays off and Benny kills Ike Slant. However, Benny is also gunned down, whereas Talion rides away, without looking back.

Date de sortie

Genre: Western
Durée: 102 mins.
Année: 1966


Gloria Talbott
Robert Lansing
Slim Pickins
Un film de
Michael D. Moore