Jacob's Ladder


For four years Jacob Singer has been haunted by the painful memory of his combat in Vietnam. He is plagued by hallucinations. When his former psychoanalyst is killed by a car bomb Jacob thinks he will lose his mind. His friend Jezzi tries to comfort him in vain; only his therapist can calm him. One afternoon Jacob runs into a GI from his battalion. This man is also plagued by terrible visions when he is suddenly killed before Jacob's eyes in the same way as his psychoanalyst. At his funeral Jacob sees all his old war buddies who have the same demonic visions. They are convinced that they were used as guinea pigs for chemical warfare in Vietnam and decide to take legal action. Suddenly they all give up. Jacob must find the key to his nightmare alone.

Date de sortie

Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Durée: 112 mins.
Année: 1990


Danny Aiello
Elisabeth Peña
Tim Robbins
Un film de
Adrian Lyne