Entertaining Mr. Sloane

UN FILM DE Douglas Hickox


Kath, a well-matured blonde, is vaguely mourning her long-dead lover when she stumbles across a comely young psychopath, Mr Sloane, and eyeing him greedily she offers to rent him a room in the mini-gothic house which she shares with her father, 'The Dadda' Kemp. But the appearance of Kath's brother Ed, who is also attracted to Mr Sloane's young leather-clad body, presents problems for Kath. Joe Orton's outrageous black comedy is as fresh and provocative now as it was when it first appeared in 1964.

Date de sortie

Genre: Comedy
Durée: 94 mins.
Année: 1970


Beryl Reid
Harry Andrews
Peter Mcenery
Un film de
Douglas Hickox