Hula Girls

A lot of fun! Bursting with enthusiasm.
- Rickard Kuipers, VARIETY
Comes triumphantly to life! Erotically explosive!
- Mark Schilling, JAPAN TIMES
An irresistible Japanese import, Hula Girls is a crowd-pleaser...
- Jeff Shannon, SEATTLE TIMES


Based on a true story... It is 1965 and in Japan, the country has started to shift from coal to oil. One by one the old mining towns begin their long slow decline. But for one small town way up north, its leaders and mining company officials have come up with an idea to develop Japan's first Hawaiian Village. And what's a Hawaiian Village without a troupe of Hula dancers? The only problem is, no one knows how to do the dance, or even knows what the Hula is! The skepticism and conservatism of the locals is gradually overcome as their daughters fall under the spell of one talented and determined dance instructor from the big city of Tokyo.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Japanese
Genre: Drama
Durée: 108 min.
Année: 2006


Un film de
Sang il-Lee