Housekeeper, The

Sparkles with the compressed charm of a masterful short story.
- Leslie Camhi, VILLAGE VOICE
Remarkably complex and bittersweet.
- Stephen Garrett, TIME OUT N.Y.
Wise and subtle - poignant!


Jacques is a sound engineer and has lived in this quiet section of Paris for years. A few months ago, his wife left him. His new life as a bachelor has slipped into a monotonous grind, as he divides his time between work, the corner bistro and his messy apartment. Then one day he sees a notice on a bulletin board: "Young woman will do housework." Now he finds himself with Laura, a young woman from the outskirts of town. As the days go by, Jacques discovers the charm of this simple girl overflowing with energy. Almost in spite of himself, he once again awakens to a life of the heart. With Laura staying in his apartment for the time being, Jacques is torn at one moment between past and present. He decides to make something happen and runs away to Brittany to be with his old friend Ralph. He gives in to Laura's request to go along, but Jacques may lack the candor and generosity it takes for diving head-first into a sea of adolescent feeling and letting himself drift away.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: French
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Durée: 90 min.
Année: 2003


Émilie Dequenne
Jean-Pierre Bacri
Un film de
Claude Berri