Beyond the Black Rainbow

An immersive trip...visually dazzling.
- Simon Abrams, Slant Magazine
Un voyage immersif, éblouissant visuellement!


En anglais seulement Set in the strange and oppressive emotional landscape of 1983, Beyond The Black Rainbow is a Reagan-era fever dream inspired by hazy childhood memories of midnight movies and Saturday morning cartoons. Deep within the mysterious Arboria Institute, a disturbed and beautiful girl (Allan) is held captive by a doctor in search of inner peace. Her mind controlled by a sinister technology. Silently, she waits for her next session with deranged therapist Dr. Barry Nyle (Rogers). If she hopes to escape, she must journey through the darkest reaches of The Institute... but Nyle won't easily part with his most gifted and dangerous creation.

Date de sortie

Vendredi 8 juin, 2012
Langue originale: anglais
Genre: Drame
Durée: 110 min.
Année: 2010


Eva Allan
Michael Rogers
Scott Hylands
Un film de
Panos Cosmatos