Love of man (Amore de Hombre)

UN FILM DE Juan Luis Iborra, Yolanda García Serrano

Love of man (Amore de Hombre)

A FILM BY Juan Luis Iborra, Yolanda García Serrano


It's Esperanza's 40th birthday party and she can't help noticing the irony of her life. Here she is without a boyfriend, yet all the guests at her party are intelligent, witty and handsome men. Of course, these guys are gay, and Esperanza loves them all. Her favorite of the bunch is Ramon, a sexy lawyer who is also searching in vain for Mr. Right. Together they commiserate and laugh at the foibles of their love lives and try (unsuccessfully) to fix each other up. When Ramon is temporarily confined to bed after an accident, Esperanza makes the mistake of introducing him to Robert, an attractive masseur whom she hopes can help Ramon's rehabilitation. Ramon quickly becomes obsessed and will do anything to satisfy the very sexy Robert, including sacrificing his close friendship with Esperanza.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Spanish
Genre: Comedy, Drama, World Cinema
Durée: 90 min.
Année: 1998


Andrea Occhipinti
Loles León
Un film de
Juan Luis Iborra, Yolanda García Serrano