Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary

Both mesmerizing and disquieting.
- Desson Thomson
Fascinating bare-bones documentary.
- Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly
Junge's recollections of Hitler are like glimpses backstage at an indescribable tragedy.
- Stanley Kauffman, New Republic


In Blind Spot - Hitler's Secretary, Traudl Junge describes on camera for the first time her experience working as one of Adolf Hitler's private secretaries from 1942 until his suicide in 1945. After keeping quiet for nearly 60 years, Frau Junge tells the riveting story of working alongside Hitler until the final collapse of the Nazi regime. Frau Junge is one of only a handful of witnesses to Hitler's last days in his fortified bunker as the Third Reich was collapsing above them. In his final hours, he dictated his final will and testament to her. Frau Junge also worked with Hitler at Wolf's Lair (his field headquarters in East Prussia), at his Bavarian residence at Berchtesgaden and on the Führer's special train. In Spring 2001, André Heller met Traudl Junge and was able to persuade her that it would be fascinating as well as historically important to make a record of her unique experiences... and of her present attitudes to that time, after years of contemplation and self-analysis.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: German
Genre: Documentary, World Cinema
Durée: 90 min.
Année: 2002


Jango Edwards
Hugo Metsers
Johnny Melville
Micky Hoogendijk
Un film de
Andre Heller