Sacred Love-Making

Sensual and impassioned spirituality from which we all can greatly benefit.
- M. Daniel Nienaltow, MD, CM, Columbia University


Sacred Love-Making is the kind of film that will awaken all of your senses, challenge you, enrich your intimate understanding, increase your spontaneity, cultivate your artistry, and– without a doubt– make you a better lover. Watch as best-selling author and relationship expert, Karinna Kittles-Karsten, introduces ancient Taoist love secrets and rituals for deeper sexual satisfaction and emotional connection as she guides you through the Sacred Love-Making experience in this exquisitely beautiful, breakthrough educational DVD. Karinna helps two married couples, one together four years and one twenty, take their most intimate relationship experience to new levels of passion, connection, communication, pleasure, freedom and sublime union. Follow these two couples at two different stages of their relationships and discover how you and your partner can experience the sensually sublime.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: English
Genre: Documentary
Durée: 70 min.
Année: 2007


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Matt Levin