Sunshine State

It creates a cinematic mosaic of American lives unprecedented in its range, balance, subtlety and even-handedness.
- Stephen Holden, New York Times
Sayles and an excellent cast examine modern American lives, values, dreams and shortcomings with verve, honesty and a respect for the seemingly lost art of everyday conversation.
- David Hunter, Hollywood Reporter
Wonderfully acted...
- Jonathan Foreman, New York Post
You can feel the heat that ignites this gripping tale, and the humor and humanity that root it in feeling.
- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone


In Delrona Beach, Marly (Edie Falco) runs the motel her now ailing father (Ralph Waite) founded decades ago. When Marly begins a romance with a landscape architect (Timothy Hutton) who's working for the developers, could he be her ticket out of here? Meanwhile, Desiree (Angela Bassett) has come home to Lincoln Beach, 25 years after she left. She's returned to show off her trophy husband (James McDaniel). Community activist (Bill Cobbs) wants Desiree to help him fight the developers, but she needs to resolve the past before she tackles the future. These are just some of the dozen characters whose stories are interwoven with the community's fate. There's also Marly's environmentalist mom (Jane Alexander), the Chamber of Commerce stalwart (Mary Steenburgen) and the oily developer (Alan King) who stands for "gated communities" and "golf courses." Real people. Real places. Welcome to Florida.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: English
Genre: Drama
Durée: 141 min.
Année: 2002


Angela Basset
Bill Cobbs
Edie Falco
James McDaniel
Mary Steenburgen
Ralph Waite
Timothy Hutton
Un film de
John Sayles