?Pieta? is not only a triumphant return to dark drama for Kim Ki Duk, but one of his best films to date, no small praise given the unfailing quality of his output.
- Beyond Hollywood


En anglais seulement. Lee Kang-do, a cold-blooded debt collector who grew up an orphan, lives and works in a poor factory district made up of many small industrial workshops far from the opulent high-rises of Seoul. One day a mysterious woman shows up at Kang-do’s place and insists that she is his mother causing him to reconsider his violent lifestyle. But, as his attachment to her grows, he begins to discover the gruesome and tragic secret that made her seek him out.

Date de sortie

Vendredi 31 mai, 2013
Langue originale: Coréen
Genre: Drame
Durée: 104 min.
Année: 2012


Eunjin Kang
Jae-ryong Cho
Jung-Jin Lee
Ki-Hong Woo
Min-soo Jo
Un film de
Ki-duk Kim