Portes de la Nuit, Les

UN FILM DE Marcel Carné


February 1945. In the Paris underground, a manual worker, Jean Diego, meets a tramp who introduces himself as Fate. The tramp foretells that the worker will fall in love with a beautiful woman and that his next few hours will be very dramatic. To Jean’s incredulity the prophecy begins to come true when he meets Malou, a young woman fleeing from an unhappy marriage. Malou’s brother Guy is also warned by the same mysterious tramp that he is destined for an unhappy and imminent death. Ignoring the warning, Guy accosts Malou’s husband Georges and reveals that Malou has fallen in love with Jean. Suspecting that Jean may be armed, Georges reluctantly accepts the gun that Guy offers him...

Date de sortie

Langue originale: French
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance
Durée: 100 min.
Année: 1946


Serge Reggiani
Pierre Brasseur
Yves Montand
Un film de
Marcel Carné