UN FILM DE Carlos Diegues

A dazzler...sensual and picturesque...a fresh and inspired merging of romantic tragedy and social consciousness.
- Kevin Thomas, L.A. TIMES


Orfeu retells the tale of the Greek mythical love affair between Orfeu and Euridice. In the film, Orfeu, a legendary musician and lyricist, is loved by all. His music is powerful enough to make the sun rise and compels everyone to listen. Orfeu leads a mystical existence and holds a position of high esteem in the shantytown community known as Morro da Carioca. The story of Orfeu and Euridice begins on a Saturday of Carnaval. Its action takes place among the least privileged people in Rio de Janeiro - the inhabitants of the favelas. Favelas are shantytowns, within the city of Rio evolving from small communities of workers and unemployed people into bustling, sometimes self-sufficient cities, ruled by violence and drugs amid an ever-increasing population and dismal poverty. On the evening of the Carnaval parade at the Sambadrome, Orfeu shines as the leader of Unidos da Carioca, while Euridice falls victim to a stray bullet. Wild with despair, Orfeu sets off in search of Euridice.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Portuguese
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Durée: 110 min.
Année: 2000


Murilo Benício
Patrícia França
Toni Garrido
Un film de
Carlos Diegues