Red Heat


In Moscow drug trafficker Viktor Rostavili kills the partner of Captain Ivan Danko, then flees to the United States where he sets up new drug trafficking operations. During a police raid he kills the partner of Sergeant Art Ridzik. Danko is sent to Chicago to try to arrest Viktor and bring him back to the Soviet Union. To do this he must work with Ridzik. The men have different methods. Ridzik is cheerful and cunning while Danko is cold and ruthless and prefers violence. The two cops make a great team despite their differences. They both have personal reasons to put the Soviet gangster out of circulation. They embark on a tireless chase to find Rostavili who has decided to turn Chicago into a battlefield.

Date de sortie

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Durée: 105 mins.
Année: 1988


Arnold Schwarzenegger
James Belushi
Peter Boyle
Un film de
Walter Hill