Malice in Wonderland

Lively and inventive!
- Kim Newman, EMPIRE
An off the wall re-imagining of Lewis Carroll's seminal tale.
- FILM 4


Lewis Carrol's classic fable Alice in Wonderland is given a tongue-in-cheek reimagining in the dark and twisted Malice in Wonderland. Alice (Lost's Maggie Grace), an American law student studying in London, tumbles down a cerebral rabbit hole after being struck by a cab driver named "Whitey" (Danny Dyer as our modern White Rabbit) and suffering from amnesia. Awaking amidst the city's seedy underbelly, she desperately searches for a way to recover her lost memories and escape the clutches of her psychedelic nightmare.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: English, Spanish
Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Mystery
Durée: 87 min.
Année: 2009


Nathaniel Parker
Maggie Grace
Danny Dyer
Matt King
Bronagh Gallagher
Un film de
Simon Fellows