Happy Men

UN FILM DE Roberto Garcia Santiago

... stylish, daring...


Angel is a regular guy, living a regular life and dreaming of blowjobs. He fears his formidable mother and cheats on his wife, Ana. Suspicious, she persuades her best friend to tail him. Unable to resist, Angel sleeps with the girl. Ana finds out and leaves him, moving in with his gun salesman brother. Angel is humiliated, desperate, and it's killing him. Then a stranger offers him a miracle: A little blue flower to bring Ana back. All he has to do is believe. And as if by magic, Ana returns, more in love than ever. Endless little displays of devotion, constant attention to his every desire, incessant phone calls to the office... Angel can't stand it. He dumps her. For a while, life is sweet for Angel. Now it's Ana who has nothing. Except a friend who owes her a favour. And a stolen gun... Roberto Santiago's debut feature is a relentless absurd comedy: a surreal story of sex, lies and dreams that come horribly true.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Spanish
Genre: Comedy, World Cinema
Durée: 93 min.
Année: 2001


Aitana Sánchez-Gijón
Sergi López
Un film de
Roberto Garcia Santiago