UN FILM DE Richard Attenborough


Chaplin is the story of the life and artistic adventure of a brilliant, enigmatic man, hated by some yet loved by most whose life coincides with the history of movies and the major events of our century. Chaplin started on the stage at age five replacing his mother who had a sudden attack of stage fright. Accompanied by his brother, also a music hall artist, he played in England and America until he discovered cinema in 1914. He was married four times and fathered 11 children. Chaplin lived in America for 40 years until he was exiled in 1952. Twenty years later he made a triumphant return to receive one of the most sought-after rewards in Hollywood: a special Oscar for his entire career. He died on a Christmas day.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: English
Genre: Biography, Drama, Comedy
Durée: 143 min.
Année: 1992


Dan Aykroyd
James Woods
Robert Downey Jr.
Un film de
Richard Attenborough