Very Annie Mary

UN FILM DE Sara Sugarman


In the little Welsh valley village of Ogw, Annie Mary lives under the thumb of her father, the local Baker. She is 33 years old, shy and inhibited. Bethan Bevan is her best friend but the 16 years old girl is terminally ill. The village is collecting money to send her to Disneyland, which is poor Bevan's idea of hell. She would rather hear Annie Mary sing. One day The Baker suffers a stroke. Annie Mary is forced to take care of her father but uses the circumstances to emancipate herself and find the courage to sing once again.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: English
Genre: Comedy, Musical
Durée: 105 mins.
Année: 2000


Ioan Gruffudd
Rachel Griffiths
Jonathan Pryce
Un film de
Sara Sugarman