Lock Up


Frank Leone is a model prisoner. Six months before his release he is transferred to Gateway, a high security penitentiary where he meets his archenemy, Warden Drumgoole. Frank must resist the provocations of the Warden if he wants to be released at the end of his sentence. But it isn't easy because the Warden has a huge advantage, he rules the prison. The Warden tries everything to push Frank to revolt or try to escape: humiliation, intimidation, blackmail and brutality. Frank resists patiently until the Warden sets into motion a Machiavellian plan that triggers Frank's fury. Once he is angry he cannot be controlled and turns into a hunted beast with nothing to lose.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: English
Genre: Action, Adventure
Durée: 110 min.
Année: 1989


Donald Sutherland
John Amos
Sylvester Stallone
Un film de
John Flynn